Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 4- A picture of your favorite memory

We took a trip to Mt. Vernon and Orcas Island last summer, and it was quite possibly the best vacation I've been on. So relaxing. We had no real plan. I got to sit on a boat in the sound and read...for a WHOLE DAY! We took a walk along a country road, ate blackberries straight from the bushes. Saw deer up close, did a little shopping, ate delicious fish and chips while watching waves crash during a storm. I wouldn't change one thing about that trip, except for the fact that it ended too quickly. We drove up a mountain and walked in the rain, explored the little town. I rode a ferry for the first time, fell in love with the area and all the houses by the sea. Hopefully, we'll do it again someday soon <3

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  1. that was your first time riding a ferry? that's crazy! ummmm. you're still short a few posts...i guess this will do for now though.